What Is Love?

What is love
Photo courtesy of http://agodlyheritage.org/what-is-love-by-kids

“What is love?

Baby, don’t hurt me

Don’t hurt me no more”


This is the question to which we all want to know the answer. We write songs about it. We make movies trying to explain it. That song was written before I was even born, so I’ve been trying to figure out the answer since I was in the womb. Kids may have the best insight to what love is.


My personal favorite definition from the video was “she kept on looking up from her math test and staring at me”. So the next time you’re taking a test and you catch a girl staring at you, that’s when you know it’s meant to be.


“What is love” was the most Googled phrase of 2012; indicating that we as humans are unsure of arguably the most prominent element of our existence.


I believe our understanding of love has gotten a bit skewed over time. Love is more than just a feeling, Jesus tells us that the two greatest commandments are to love God and love others. And if Jesus tells us something is important, we should probably take his word for it.


When I think of love the first thing that comes to my mind is Romeo and Juliet. To me this is the stereotypical picture of what it looks like to love. They had the kind of love that led them to do crazy things, the kind of love where nothing else in the world mattered when they were together. I mean they both took their own lives believing that they couldn’t go on without each other. That’s dedication. That’s love.


What are some things that you love? What are the things you can’t live without? A typical list might look something like: Family, Friends, Phone, Computer, Pizza, Clothes, etc. But is that really what love is all about? Do these things help us understand what love is?


Becoming will be beginning a series entitled “Love is…____” in which we hope to provide clarity on the looming question of what is love. We hope our posts will offer insight and greater understanding, and we hope you follow along with us as we begin this series.

-Thomas Mayne

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